Virtually well connected

The human element in a digital world

We are being confronted with working digitally. On the one hand this opens up completely new possibilities for us, and it also brings new challenges. Some aspects which are perceived more easily in normal contact, such as emotions, moods, interests, expectations and spontaneous interactions are not so easy to see and follow. Many of us feel bereft of our usual channels to engage deeply with stakeholders. Our counterparts still have the emotional need for these to be perceived and taken care of in the communication. We need to consider them, so that we interact not just cognitively, but also at an emotional level.

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Working virtually is often more tiring and demanding than being together in a room. The cognitive predominates and the emotional level of communication is more limited. This often limits the conversation to the factual and cognitive, leading  to a loss of emotional encounter. We tend to experience more stress, exhaustion and frustration. It is helpful for us to develop and hone specific skills, to deal with the special challenges, that arise when communicating with others in the virtual world.

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In this three-day virtual training you will learn to be in a good resonance with others in the virtual world. You will be able to address emotions more clearly and use feedback and dialogue more naturally in your communication. You will learn how mindfulness enables you to consciously regulate your feelings and allows you to steer discussions more effectively. Another aspect is to be able to pay more attention to your own level of energy, take more care of yourself and reduce digital fatigue.

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This training supports you in cultivating a deeper level of connection with your colleagues, peers and customers in online settings. You will improve your ability to perceive the emotions of others and learn how to relate to them in this setting with more empathy, ease and confidence. You will find options to strengthen your personal connection to others and build trusting relationships.


Aims are:


  • To improve your digital collaboration, feeling more in contact with your partners in meetings
  • To perceive the feelings of others more clearly and be able to address them confidently and appropriately
  • To understand the purpose, use and effect of expressing empathy in virtual interactions
  • To consciously direct your focus of attention to yourself and to the emotional state of the other
  • To deal better with your energy level and thus reduce digital fatigue
  • To be able to regulate your feelings consciously in challenging situations
  • To be more aware of technical aspects and procedures that are effective and induce a more personal touch in meetings

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Target Group

  • People who want to feel more comfortable, secure und effective in virtual collaboration and communication.
  • People who communicate a lot virtually and for whom good relationships are a priority.
  • People who have to communicate and collaborate increasingly virtually and want to create a conversation culture, that invites others to be actively involved.

Benefits for the Company

Companies assume that the emotional intelligence of employees will be a basic prerequisite for success (83% according to a survey by the Capgemini Research Institute, 08/2019). The most important quantitative advantages are increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction and a growing market share. Emotional intelligence is crucial to mastering the challenges of the VUCA world.

Procedure in the Sessions

In the virtual training sessions we will take time to slow down, reflect and explore the challenges you are faced with. The format is practical rather than theoretical. It will give you skills in dealing with the conditions in the virtual world. Reflection, exercises and feedback from the trainer will help you to develop new options and transfer your personal goals into everyday life.


  • Alternation between short theoretical inputs and practical experience
  • Reflection, exchange and dialogue
  • Feedback and individual advice from the trainer

Dates and Registration

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Description of the Seminar »Virtually well connected«

  • 5 sessions in 15 hours
  • 3 hours incl. 20 minute break per session


  • Ideally the 5 sessions are divided into two parts with a break of 7 to 14 days between part 1 and part 2
  • Maximum 6 participants with 1 trainer
  • Maximum 12 participants with 2 trainers


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Seminar Costs

Inhouse Training:

The total cost for the training for a team with 6 participants and 1 trainer is € 4.500,00 plus 19% tax.

The total cost for the training for a team with 12 participants and 2 trainers is € 9.000,00 plus 19% tax.

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Virtual via

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Currently this training is only offered in-house. Date for an open training on request.

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You can contact us via mail:

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Cancellation | Withdrawal

In case of cancellation in the timeframe of 6 weeks before the start of the training we charge 50%, later than 1 week 75% of the seminar costs.